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Antique Dollhouse Miniatures & Accessories

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Strombecker Green & Gold Heater
Strombecker Rare Tray
Dolly Dear Wooden Vase
Dolly Dear Elephant Book Ends w/Books
Wooden Chicks from England
Brass Lion Head Door Knocker
Bone & Wood Guitar
Composition Santa #86-07
Small Brass Fireplace Equipment
Kilgore Sally Ann Carpet Sweeper
Soap Dish w/ Soap, Very Early
Mache Hat Box Luggage w/Leather Handle
Set of Three Redware Nesting Bowls marked G
Redware Blue Glazed Pedestal Bowl White Zigzag Decoration
Redware Bowl with Raised White Slip Arrowheads Decoration #190-27
Multi Colored Blue, Brown and Cream Serving Bowl with Lid
Two German Striped Lauscha Glass Goblets
Wooden Towel Holder in a Lovely Blue Color
Pair of Green Pottery Pitchers
Dolly Dear Plate of Fruit
German Flower Boxes for Dollhouse 1 inch scale
Dolly Dear Wooden Carpet Sweeper
Dolly Dear Mop, Broom & Metal Pan
Wool Duster, Early Dollhouse Accessory
Dolly Dear Dresser Linens on Orig Card
German Porcelain Tea Set 1 inch scale P20
Milk Glass Tea Set with Blue Swirl #GL26
Milk Glass Tea Set with Green Swirl #GL26
Tiny Picture of Silent Movie Star Crane Wilbur
Pewter Pitcher with Fancy Handle
Picture of Clipper Ship with Fancy Gold Gilt Frame
German Picture of Children #202-30
Metal Scale #202-32
Early Mirror with Tin Frame #202-34
Silver & Mother of Pearl Jackknife #201-24
Dolly Dear Red Curtains with Rod
Kilgore Folding Ironing Board 3/4" Scale
Carved Bone Rooster
Erzgebirge Group of Animals
Erzgebirge Rare Pheasant
Erzgebirge Light Blue & Red 2 Story House
Erzgebirge Blue & Pale Green 3 Story House
Erzgebirge Yellow & Red 3 Story House
Strombecker Pair of Matching Table Lamps
Strombecker Wood Table Lamp
Small Round Early Picture of Gentleman #202-14
German Green Lauscha Glass Goblets
German Striped Lauscha Glass Vase with Dried Flower Arrangement
Radiator Tynietoy Accessory
German Glass Candelabra #201-37
German Glass Scounce #201-23
Gerlach Water Pitcher Tynietoy Accessory #201-38
Early Soap, Soap Dish and Bowl #200-10
French Carpet Sweeper #199-39
Gerlach Chafing Dish, Tynietoy Accessory #200-18
Tynietoy Andirons and Logs #200-28
Pair Gerlach Sconces with Glass Lights #200-03
Erhard and Sohne Ormolu Picture #199-20
German Table Top Sewing Machine #199-02
Dollhouse Food three Sausages in Wood Packing Box #199-14
Dollhouse Food Three Slabs Bacon in Wood Packing Box #199-13
Stone Book for Dollhouse #198-36
Erhard and Sohne Vase with Dried Arrangement #198-14
Tynietoy Accessory Fruit Bowl by Gerlach #198-08
Brass Tea Kettle
Brass Tea Set with Tray
Glass and Brass Paperweight
Early Gold Medal Flour Sack
Carved Stag Head Trophy Glass Eyes #197-16
German Gerlach Vase with Lovely Dried Arrangement
Boston Terrier Czech Green Glass #197-15
Yellow and Blue Glass Chamber Stick #196-33
German Colorful Lauscha Glass Lemonade Set
Guide to Happiness Miniature Booklet Advertising #195-24
Limoge Porcelain Hand Painted Basket #195-12
Gerlach Sewing Stand with Silk Bag #194-36
Gerlach Standing Ashtray with Two Cigarettes, Tynietoy Accessory
Glass Candelabra with Three Glass Candles
Lovely Gold Gilt Stand Up Mirror #194-07
Hanging Redware Platter
Early Rug Beater #192-28
Erhardt and Sohne Ormolu Mantle Clock #192-23
Erhardt and Sohne Ormolu Chamberstick with Serpent's Head Handle #192-19
Cake on Decorated Milk Glass Platter #191-16
Brass Nutcracker #191-09
Gerlach Red Paper Roll #191-04
Dolly Dear Cranberries in Blue Wooden Bowl #191-39
Strombecker Green and Silver Table Lamp with Green Shade
Strombecker Green Waste Basket
Gerlach Tynietoy Accessory Water Pitcher #190-16
Cobalt Blue Glass Container with Handles and Cover
Blown Glass Pitcher with Red Flower Design
Lime Basket for Kitchen #189-10
Gerlach Fireplace Fender #188-35
Dolly Dear Basket with Balls of Wool Yarn
German Colorful Composition Duck
Two Elastolin Fowl, German
Playful Puppy with Raised Paw #187-10
Tiny Black & White Puppy #187-06
Scottie Dog, no. 3, German, with Tilted Head #187-09
Scottie Dog, no. 2, German, Furry #187-08
Scottie Dog no. 1, German, Black #187-07
Tapestry Rug with Girl, Doll, Dog and Kittens #186-33
Print of Early American Scene in Alexandria #186-05
Opalescent Blown Glass Pitcher #185-34
Early Brooms & Brushes w/ Natural Bristles and Sponge #185-28
Pair of Ormolu Goblets #185-24
Brass Coffee Urn w/Six Cups & Saucers #185-25
Brass Water Pitcher w/Two Goblets
Gerlach 3/4" Scale Fireplace Equipment
Three Cigarette Premium Rugs
Tiny Picture of Silent Movie Star Crane Wilbur
Hertwig Tiny Twins Clutching Ribbon #199-34
Ormolu Candle Holder with Early Wax Candle #183-24
Brass Andirons, Well Made
Pair of Larger Scale Brass Candlesticks
Glass Flower Pot with Cloth Flowers
Wanamaker Advertising Tin Tray
Decorated Pewter Platter
Gerlach Salt & Pepper Holder in 1" scale #181-10
Erzgebirge Pivoting Horse Drawn Carriage w/Bride & Groom #180-06
Realistic Miniature Garden Sprayer
Miniature Napkins Set of 4
French Blue Vase with Hand Painted Flowers #177-06
Seven German Wooden Kitchen Accessories
Brass Mortar & Pestle
Pair of Antique Dotted Swiss Curtains
Antique Lace Curtain
German Tree on Left
German Tree on Right
Ormolu Picture of European Royal Couple #173-25
Gerlach Sewing Stand with Accessories #194-10
Miniature Malachite Foo Dog #171-27
Tiny Hand Carved Wooden Buddha
Copper Watering Can
Early Tin Tray #105-04
Black Enameled Candle Holders #167-22
Small Tree/Bush for Dollhouse by Gottschalk
1930's Kage Mantle Clock
Picture of the Mayflower
Miniature Felt Common Pin Holder
Silver Serving Tray #144-39
Teak Table with Oriental Decorations #171-06
Miniature Indian Basket #3
Miniature Indian Coiled Hand Made Basket from Tono O'odham--Papago Tribe #2
Early German Tree Grouping
Handblown White Glass Vase w/Flowers
Glass Container
Fancy Pewter Plate
Pewter Plates
Glass Paperweights/Each
Limoge Dessert Tray
Dolly Dear Ham on Oval Platter SOLD
Dolly Dear Turkey Dinner on Platter SOLD
Two Early Pillows with Embroidered Flowers SOLD
Dolly Dear Birthday Cake #202-31 SOLD
Tynietoy Brass Toaster #202-33 SOLD
Dolly Dear Cat on Rug SOLD
Gerlach Small Table Lamp #202-17 SOLD
German Tin Globe #202-03 SOLD
Tynietoy Brass Fender #201-36 SOLD
Tynietoy Toilet Paper Roll Yellow #201-33 SOLD
Tynietoy Andirons #201-29 SOLD
German Blue and Cream Metal Scale #200-07 SOLD
Early Rattan Rug Beater #200-08 SOLD
Vienna Bronze Pink Flower #200-12 SOLD
Very Early Andirons and Poker for Early Fireplace # 199-05 SOLD
Tynietoy Accessory, Gerlach Room Heater Lovely B lue Color #199-03 SOLD
Dollhouse Food Two Fish in Wood Packing Box #199-04 SOLD
Dollhouse Food Suckling Pig on Porcelain Platter #199-16 SOLD
Samovar, Sugar, Creamer and Tray by Gerlach Tynietoy Accessory #198-12 SOLD
German Table Lamp Hand Painted Shade #197-33 SOLD
German Tin Gramaphone with Turn Crank SOLD
Set of Three Matching Red and Marblized Faux Books SOLD
Gerlach Table Lamp with Glass Shade #197-09 SOLD
Early Hanging Picture #196-34 SOLD
Chats About Miniature Books 1932 Rare Miniature Book #195-21 SOLD
Small Rain Upon the Tender Herb Leather Bound Miniature Book c.1830 #195-19 SOLD
The Silver Medal Leather Bound Miniature Book 1863 #195-20 SOLD
Marklin Tub, Brush and Enamelled Dust Pan #194-40 SOLD
German Carriage with Baby and Doll #194-21 SOLD
Chandelier, Very Early Babette Schweizer #194-20 SOLD
Very Early Babette Schweizer Cutlery Tray with Utensils #194-14 SOLD
Ormolu Triple Picture Frame, Stand Up #194-08 SOLD
Erhardt and Sohne Ormolu Hanging Shelf #192-21 SOLD
Gerlach Candlewick Cutter #191-08 SOLD
Lovely Pincushion with Tiny Pins SOLD
Tiny Tin-Type Photo of Young Gentleman SOLD
Ormolu Bird Cage by Erhard & Sohne w/Wax Parrot #183-09 SOLD
German Newspaper Rack w/Early New York Times #183-10 SOLD
Fancy German Brass Woven Basket w/Logs SOLD
Erzgebirge Open Air Phaeton w/Bride, Groom, Chauffeur #180-10 SOLD
Dol Toi Letter Holder with Original Printed Stationery #189-07 SOLD
Miniature German Goose Feather Christmas Tree #170-14 SOLD

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