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Antique Doll Accessories, Miniatures & Toys

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Erhardt and Sohne Ormolu Chamberstick with Serpent's Head Handle #192-19
Old Paris Porcelain Fashion Doll Pitcher & Bowl
Matching Pictures of Girl with Tiger Cat, Boy with White Dog #192-04
1886 Almanac, Dolly Needs to Know the Date!
German Gold Porcelain Tea Set #200-04
Tin Coffee Pot with Cover
Tin Cooking Pot with Cover
Early Porcelain Pitcher and Bowl
Miniature Stone Book #198-35
Miniature Leather Album with Tin Type Group of Black Children #197-36
Very Early Food on Plate with Glass Cover #1 Haggis
Very Early Food on Plate with Glass Cover #2 Country Bread
German Metal Covered Pitcher and Tray
Toy Tin Potato Ricer, Very Early
Early Hand Painted Triangular Box c.1870, Doll Accessories #196-39
Iron and Trivet by Stevens and Brown #195-38
Very Early Enameled Tin Dust Pan and Wooden Brush #196-06
Ormolu Sugar Tongs for Doll's Tea Set #195-15
Glass Mug Hand Painted
Colander for Early Doll Kitchen #195-02
Wooden Rolling Pin
Miniature Scale, Cast Iron Enameled Base #194-18
Wood and Tin Washboard with Blue #194-24
Stevens & Brown Cast Iron Pot with Handle #194-26
American Antique Toys Book by Barenholtz #188-02
German Wind-up Tin Dog #119-16
Miniature German Village in Original Net Bag c. 1950
Ormolu Picture of European Royal Couple #173-25
Cast Iron Girl in Rocking Chair #190-18
Early Tin Tray #105-04
Square Soap Dish w/Cover #185-21
Rectangular Soap Dish w/Cover #185-22
Silver Plate Pitcher #145-08
Silver Plate Doll's Mug #174-37
Papier Mache Miniature Civil War Era Army Hat of Major #184-11
Drum Candy Container #184-09
Miniature Party Hat #184-08
Hand Beaded Miniature American Indian Shoes
Ivory Fan for Lady Doll #179-22
Red Leather Case w/Clasp, Name Card Holder #178-31
Antique Feather Fan for Doll
Framed Antique Doll's Cape #174-29
Framed Antique Doll's Apron #174-28
Framed Antique Doll Outfit #174-30
Miniature Brass Candle Sticks c.1875 #173-18
Miniature Hand Tooled Leather 1927 Calendar #172-35
Blue & White Miniature Graniteware Matching Plates
Miniature Ormolu Hand Mirror #168-21
Early Fashion Doll Necklace #168-10
Steiff 1950 Miniature Mohair Teddy Bear #201-10
Miniature Wooden Toy Train
Early Wooden Apple Puzzle - German
White Leather Shoes
Rosenthal Gentleman
Porcelain MiniatureTea Set with Hand Painted Flower Decorations
Miniature Tin Pail w/ Utensils
Ormolu Triple Picture Frame, Stand Up #194-08 SOLD
Miniature Fairy Album with Fashion Doll Picture #196-04 SOLD
Miniature Red Leather Photo Album #196-03 SOLD
Recollections of Clifton Leather Bound Book c.1865 #195-18 SOLD
Honey Drops Cloth Bound Miniature Book 1855 #195-22 SOLD
Early Tea Pot with Ornate, Wooden Handle #195-01 SOLD
Christian HackerTreenware Candlesticks with Strawberries and Vine #194-27 SOLD
Cat Shaped Miniature Mold, German #194-25 SOLD
Pink Silk Purse for Doll SOLD
Miniature Brass Horn no. 2 #186-08 SOLD
Miniature Brass Horn no. 1 #186-07 SOLD
Miniature Tea Set with Green Vine Pattern SOLD
Miniature Papier Mache Top Hat #184-10 SOLD
Miniature Toy Bugle #184-07 SOLD
Doll's Ivory Shoe Button Hook #179-24 SOLD
Doll's Soap Dish with Tiny Soap SOLD
Tin Drum Toy for Doll , Candy Container or Christmas Ornament #1--171-01 SOLD
Milton Bradley Toy Money 1870's SOLD
Elfinware Rare Sugar with Cover #172-20 SOLD
Elfinware Teapot with Cover #172-21 SOLD
Early Miniature Brass Mortar & Pestle SOLD
Early Brown & Blue Shoes SOLD

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