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News from The Doll Works

 I have long been fascinated with the history of dolls, dollhouses and dollhouse furniture and miniatures and have done extensive research in these fields. Listed below are articles I have written which entail some of my investigations and other publications which have included portions of my collection and research.

 Back issues of Antique Doll Collector magazine may be ordered through their web site: antiquedollcollector.com
Book Review, Grandmother Stover's Dollhouse Miniatures by Patty Cooper
Book Review by Judit Armitstead. Review of Patty Cooper's book, Grandmother Stover's Dollhouse Miniatures in the September, 2023, issue of Antique Doll Collector Magazine. This book is considered to be the ultimate authority on Grandmother Stover's items and is available through Blurb.com.
Strega Nona Has Come to Lynnfield
By Judit Armitstead. May 2023, Lynnfield Weekly News and Lynnfield Villager. Article regarding the new stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service featuring the children's book, Strega Nona. The Lynnfield Center post office has created a display with a Strega Nona doll to promote the new stamp.
Ethel Strong's Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Dolls
Article in The Lynnfield Villager, April 12, 2023, by Judit Armitstead, discussing the Lynnfield resident's creation of coronation dolls.
Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Dollhouse Dolls
Ethel R. Strong's Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Dollhouse Dolls, article by Judit Armitstead in April, 2023, Antique Doll Collector Magazine. Ethel R. Strong, from Lynnfield, Massachusetts, was an artist and miniaturist who began making dollhouse dolls in 1946. In 1953, for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, Mrs. Strong made a small number of coronation dolls. Featured in the article is a set of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip in full royal coronation regalia. The dolls are so rare that only a handful of Queen Elizabeth dolls are know to exist and the Prince Phillip doll featured in the article is the only example known. Additional copies may be ordered through Antique Doll Collector Magazine.
Commemorating Ethel R. Strong and the Moses Richardson House
Article in the Lynnfield Weekly News, June 16, 2022 by Judit Armitstead. Ethel R. Strong was a miniaturist beginning in the 1930's who hand painted miniature paintings for dollhouses. The article discusses one of her miniature paintings of Lynnfield's very early Moses Richardson House which had been recently demolished.
Book Review, American Soft Metal Dollhouse Furniture c. 1890 - 1920
Book Review by Judit Armitstead in Antique Doll Collector Magazine, June 2022. American Soft Metal Dollhouse Furniture by Patty Cooper is a comprehensive analysis of such makers as Peter Pia, Adrian Cooke, Blatchford and others who made splendid, delicate-looking metal dollhouse furniture in the U.S.A. The book is chock full of lovely, close-up photos of each company's work and gives detailed descriptions for identification.
Tynietoy Custom Tudor-Style Dollhouse at The Henry Ford Museum--
Part 2. July, 2021, by Judit Armitstead. Part 2 continues in exploring with lovely, large photographs the incredible details of the huge Tynietoy dollhouse. Of particular note is the three-floor front to back spacious staircase for the dollhouse residents. Separated by a wall directly next to it at the back of the dollhouse is the not-so- spacious stairway painted a lovely aqua green color for the servants of the dollhouse.
Tynietoy Custom Tudor-Style Dollhouse At The Henry Ford Museum--
Part 1--June, 2021, by Judit Armitstead, Antique Doll Collector Magazine. A chance discovery at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, lead the author to write about a monumental, custom-made Tudor-style Tynietoy dollhouse. The article reveals for the first time in a national and international publication this one-of-a-kind Tynietoy dollhouse built in the early 1930's. Original furnishings are also pictured which include Tynietoy, Luce, Wisconsin and German-made dollhouse furniture and accessories. Of particular note are the darling hand-painted ducks on the walls of the nursery which match the ducks on a nursery screen.
The Lovely Bathing Beauties of Galluba and Hofmann
by Judit Armitstead, July, 2020, Antique Doll Collector Magazine. A study of the marvelous and lovely bisque bathing beauties from the German firm Galluba and Hofmann from the early 1900's. These petite ladies are pictured on appropriate-sized dollhouse furniture in large photos emphasizing the excellent workmanship and detailing of these enchanting dolls.
Book Review, Dolly Dear
Book Review by Judit Armitstead, Antique Doll Collector Magazine, September, 2019. Book review of "Dolly Dear Dollhouse Accessories, 1928 - 1961" by Patty Cooper. A comprehensive guide to the dollhouse accessories produced by R. T. Kirkland from Union City, Tennessee. Virtually any kind of accessory was produced by the Dolly Dear Company to decorate dollhouses. This book may be purchased through Blurb.com.
Book Review, Wisconsin
Book Review by Judit Armitstead. Antique Doll Collector Magazine, October, 2018. "Dollhouse Furniture by Wisconsin Toy Company and Menasha Woodenware 1920's - 1930's" by Patty Cooper, George Mundorf and Tracy Surrell. A comprehensive study by three dollhouse furniture experts, this book may be obtained through Blurb.com and Amazon.com.
The Endearing Faces of Gebr. Heubach All-Bisque Character Children
August, 2017. Antique Doll Collector Magazine. by Judit Armitstead. All-bisque character dolls, mainly toddlers, all under 5" in height are whimsically described and illustrated, all with close-ups of their unusual character faces. This article is presented with large photographs of these hard to find character dolls with endearing expressions, all unique and so life-like.
Luce Dollhouse Furniture
Antique Doll Collector, February, 2015, by Judit Armitstead. In continuing my research on the Hingham craftsmen, this article relates the life of William B. Luce and his son, Stuart. William created and along with his son produced the popular dollhouse furniture in vibrant colors and wood tone from c. 1920 to 1935 in Hingham, Massachusetts. An in depth study, not only are many examples illustrated, but comparisons are also made to copies produced in Germany and explanations on how to distinguish between the authentic Luce dollhouse furniture and the German copies.
Hingham Craftsmen Exhibit at Olde Sturbridge Village,
An Americana exhibit of the mastery of the historically significant Hingham craftsmen from the 1700's to the early 1900's is running from June 21, 2014 to January 18, 2015, at Olde Sturbridge Villiage, in Sturbridge, MA. Examples of the craftsmen's handicraft work are esthetically displayed in individual cases with write-ups accompanying each. Several pieces of dollhouse and doll furniture of William B. Luce and George Fearing from our collections are included in the exhibit. This is a rare opportunity to see in person the handiwork of early New England craftsmen.
Christmas Mischief
December, 2011, Antique Doll Collector Magazine by Judit Armitstead. What fun! A little mischievous teddy bear climbs to the top of the Christmas tree creating havoc and anxiety for his little Heubach toddler companions. The article features an early, small German feather tree full of tiny glass ornaments, a cunning little Schucco teddy bear and numerous Heubach immobile toddlers, each one with a unique pose and anxious expression. The pictures have been stunningly and cleverly incoporated into Christmas bulbs creating a unique background to this article.
The Legacy of Margaret Woodbury Strong
May, 2011, Antique Doll Collector Magazine--by Judit Armitstead. The article is introduced with the life of Margaret Woodbury Strong, who collected antique dolls, dollhouses, and toys for many years. Upon her death, she bequeathed most of her resources for a museum to house her collections. In 1982, The Strong Museum was opened and, since then, has gone through many changes. Today, the museum is called The National Museum of Play at The Strong and has many interactive educational and play exhibits and includes a large portion of Mrs. Strong's vast collections of antique dolls and dollhouses.
Doll Furniture and Toys of the Early Hingham Craftsmen Part III
Antique Doll Collector Magazine,August, 2010, by Judit Armitstead. Part III concludes the 3-part series on the work and history of the Hingham, Massachusetts, doll furniture and toy craftsmen featuring the work of Loring H. Cushing, George W. Fearing and Marita Otis Lincoln. The article features descriptions and color photographs of their work accompanied by accessories, early dolls and teddy bears and a discussion of the Hingham Historical Society collections. Each part in the 3-part series discussed and illustrated examples from different craftsmen who lived in Hingham during the mid to late 1800's. This and the other issues may be ordered through the web site, www.antiquedollcollector.com.
Doll Furniture and Toys of the Early Hingham Craftsmen Part II
Antique Doll Collector, June 2010. By Judit Armitstead. Part II continues the examination of the history and work of early craftsmen of Hingham, Massachusetts. Featured are Samuel Hersey, his brother Edmund, their uncle Cotton Hersey, William B. Luce, and several lesser known craftsmen. Pictured in the article are rare, signed miniature bedroom sets, chairs, cradle, and rocking chair by Samuel Hersey, a signed miniature blue painted firkin by Cotton Hersey and a William B. Luce doll mirror.
Doll Furniture and Toys of the Early Hingham Craftsmen Part I
Antique Doll Collector, May, 2010. By Judit Armitstead. This article is the first in a 3-part series chronicling the history and work of early wooden doll furniture and toy craftsmen of Hingham, Massachusetts, beginning in the mid-1800's. Part I features the work of William S. Tower, his brother Charles, and their nephew Ezra Wilder. Pictured are numerous rare, signed pieces including miniature wash tubs, dresser, wash stand, chairs, table, and highboy.
The Preeminent Artwork of Tynietoy Part II
September, 2009 issue of Antique Doll Collector. Part II of this series further delves into the extensive hand-painted artwork applied to the products of the firm of Tynietoy including screens, hanging pictures, and furniture. Original documentation of Tynietoy artwork and catalog pages are provided as further evidence of this company's artistic works. Also included are comparisons to other companies' artwork including Lynnfield Furniture and Roger Williams Furniture. The September, 2009, issue of Antique Doll Collector can be ordered from their web site, www.antiquedollcollector.com.
The Preeminent Artwork of Tynietoy Part I
The July, 2009, issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine presents Part I of "The Preeminent Artwork of Tynietoy" by Judit Armitstead examining the added hand-painted decorations to a large number of Tynietoy products. The article further explores the history of the Tynietoy firm and illustrates original archival artwork on paper, portions of original Tynietoy catalogs illustrating artwork and Tynietoy furniture and accessories which have vibrant and colorful hand-painted artwork. The July, 2009, issue of Antique Doll Collector may be ordered from www.antiquedollcollector.com
Miniatures and Baseball--What A Fun Combination!
If you love miniatures, baseball and history, then this is the book for you: "Baseball's Greatest Hit, The Story of Take Me Out to the Ball Game" by Andy Strasberg, Bob Thompson & Tim Wiles in 2006. The lyrics to the song, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" was written by Jack Norworth, who was also an avid miniaturist. Pictured on page 135 and 136 are portions of my collection which were originally from the Jack Norworth collection. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase some of Mr. Norworth's items from John Blauer--well known for his Maynard Manor, documented in numerous miniataure magazines over the years. These included a miniature skull given to Mr. Norworth from John Barrymore who played Hamlet and tiny liquor bottles given to him by W. C. Fields. Also pictured from my collection are tiny sheet music of Shine on Harvest Moon, words also by Jack Norworth, tiny check book with Jack Norworth's signature and numerous other items. I also provided 1944 ads from Hobbies Magazine which show Mr. Norworth's advertisements for selling and buying miniatures. This book was published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the song played at every baseball game, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and affiliated with The Baseball Hall of Fame.
Tynietoy's Elusive Cloth Dollhouse Dolls
April, 2008, Antique Doll Collector. "Tynietoy's Elusive Cloth Dollhouse Dolls" by Judit Armitstead illustrates with large precise pictures and describes the little known bendable, cloth dollhouse dolls in one-inch scale. The article reveals the previously undocumented fact that Marion Winter was the creator of these artistically hand-painted and hand-made dollhouse dolls from the second quarter of the 1900's. Documentation from early Tynietoy catalogs is also presented. Copies of the April, 2008, issue may be ordered from Antique Doll Collector at www.antiquedollcollector.com.

More News
Judith Izen has been a doll historian, researcher, author and our friend for many years. In addition to her popular books listed on our home page, Ms. Izen's articles have appeared in many magazines. Ms. Izen's article in the July, 2004, issue of Contemporary Doll Collector, "Dolls We Love -- The 1958--1963 Vinyl Shirley Temple Dolls" features several classic Shirley Temple outfits from our collection. Also see the July 2004 issue of Antique Doll Collector for her article on "Composition Dolls of Child and Teen Stars" which pictures Baby Sandy from our collection.

If you would like to know more about Ms. Izen's books, please click here.
All information and photos have been copyrighted by Judit Armitstead ©2023 No portion of this writing and photographs may be used, reproduced, duplicated or copied without the written consent of Judit Armitstead.