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Antique Dollhouse Miniatures & Accessories

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Dolly Dear Picture of Blue Boy
Dolly Dear Picture of Flowers
Peter Pia Pewter Pedestal Bowl
Pewter Bowl, Early American Made
Strombecker Custom Built Books
Min Toy Braided Rug Blue, Pink, Yellow in original packaging #1
Min Toy Braided Rug Red & Blue in original packaging #2
Gerlach Picture of Two Children
Tynietoy Silhouette Picture w/ Mark #205-10
Strombecker Green & Gold Heater
Dolly Dear Wooden Vase
Dolly Dear Elephant Book Ends w/Books
Wooden Chicks from England
Brass Lion Head Door Knocker
Bone & Wood Guitar
Small Brass Fireplace Equipment
Kilgore Sally Ann Carpet Sweeper
Soap Dish w/ Soap, Very Early
Mache Hat Box Luggage w/Leather Handle
Set of Three Redware Nesting Bowls marked G
Redware Blue Glazed Pedestal Bowl White Zigzag Decoration
Redware Bowl with Raised White Slip Arrowheads Decoration #190-27
Multi Colored Blue, Brown and Cream Serving Bowl with Lid
Pair of Green Pottery Pitchers
Dolly Dear Plate of Fruit
German Flower Boxes for Dollhouse 1 inch scale
Dolly Dear Mop, Broom & Metal Pan
Wool Duster, Early Dollhouse Accessory
Dolly Dear Dresser Linens on Orig Card
German Porcelain Tea Set 1 inch scale P20
Milk Glass Tea Set with Blue Swirl #GL26
Milk Glass Tea Set with Green Swirl #GL26
Tiny Picture of Silent Movie Star Crane Wilbur
Pewter Pitcher with Fancy Handle
German Picture of Children #202-30
Metal Scale #202-32
Early Mirror with Tin Frame #202-34
Silver & Mother of Pearl Jackknife #201-24
Dolly Dear Red Curtains with Rod
Kilgore Folding Ironing Board 3/4" Scale
Carved Bone Rooster
Erzgebirge Group of Animals
Erzgebirge Rare Pheasant
Erzgebirge Light Blue & Red 2 Story House
Erzgebirge Blue & Pale Green 3 Story House
Erzgebirge Yellow & Red 3 Story House
Strombecker Pair of Matching Table Lamps
Strombecker Wood Table Lamp
Small Round Early Picture of Gentleman #202-14
German Striped Lauscha Glass Vase with Dried Flower Arrangement
Radiator Tynietoy Accessory
German Glass Candelabra #201-37
German Glass Scounce #201-23
Gerlach Water Pitcher Tynietoy Accessory #201-38
Early Soap, Soap Dish and Bowl #200-10
French Carpet Sweeper #199-39
Gerlach Chafing Dish, Tynietoy Accessory #200-18
Tynietoy Andirons and Logs #200-28
Pair Gerlach Sconces with Glass Lights #200-03
Erhard and Sohne Ormolu Picture #199-20
German Table Top Sewing Machine #199-02
Dollhouse Food three Sausages in Wood Packing Box #199-14
Dollhouse Food Three Slabs Bacon in Wood Packing Box #199-13
Stone Book for Dollhouse #198-36
Erhard and Sohne Vase with Dried Arrangement #198-14
Tynietoy Accessory Fruit Bowl by Gerlach #198-08
Brass Tea Kettle
Brass Tea Set with Tray
Glass and Brass Paperweight
Carved Stag Head Trophy Glass Eyes #197-16
German Gerlach Vase with Lovely Dried Arrangement
Boston Terrier Czech Green Glass #197-15
Yellow and Blue Glass Chamber Stick #196-33
German Colorful Lauscha Glass Lemonade Set
Guide to Happiness Miniature Booklet Advertising #195-24
Limoge Porcelain Hand Painted Basket #195-12
Gerlach Standing Ashtray with Two Cigarettes, Tynietoy Accessory
Glass Candelabra with Three Glass Candles
Lovely Gold Gilt Stand Up Mirror #194-07
Sail Ship Picture #1
Sail Ship Picture #2
Sail Ship Picture #3
Sail Ship Picture #4
Hanging Redware Platter
Early Rug Beater #192-28
Erhardt and Sohne Ormolu Mantle Clock #192-23
Erhardt and Sohne Ormolu Chamberstick with Serpent's Head Handle #192-19
Norman Rockwells Classical Painting Looking Out to Sea #192-07
Matching Pictures of Girl with Tiger Cat, Boy with White Dog #192-04
Cake on Decorated Milk Glass Platter #191-16
Brass Nutcracker #191-09
Gerlach Red Paper Roll #191-04
Dolly Dear Cranberries in Blue Wooden Bowl #191-39
Strombecker Green and Silver Table Lamp with Green Shade
Strombecker Green Waste Basket
Gerlach Tynietoy Accessory Water Pitcher #190-16
Cobalt Blue Glass Container with Handles and Cover
Blown Glass Pitcher with Red Flower Design
Lime Basket for Kitchen #189-10
Gerlach Fireplace Fender #188-35
Dolly Dear Basket with Balls of Wool Yarn
German Colorful Composition Duck
Two Elastolin Fowl, German
Playful Puppy with Raised Paw #187-10
Tiny Black & White Puppy #187-06
Scottie Dog, no. 3, German, with Tilted Head #187-09
Scottie Dog, no. 2, German, Furry #187-08
Scottie Dog no. 1, German, Black #187-07
Tapestry Rug with Girl, Doll, Dog and Kittens #186-33
Print of Early American Scene in Alexandria #186-05
Opalescent Blown Glass Pitcher #185-34
Early Brooms & Brushes w/ Natural Bristles and Sponge #185-28
Pair of Ormolu Goblets #185-24
Brass Coffee Urn w/Six Cups & Saucers #185-25
Brass Water Pitcher w/Two Goblets
Gerlach 3/4" Scale Fireplace Equipment
Three Cigarette Premium Rugs
Tiny Picture of Silent Movie Star Crane Wilbur
Hertwig Tiny Twins Clutching Ribbon #199-34
Ormolu Candle Holder with Early Wax Candle #183-24
Brass Andirons, Well Made
Pair of Larger Scale Brass Candlesticks
Glass Flower Pot with Cloth Flowers
Wanamaker Advertising Tin Tray
Decorated Pewter Platter
Strombecker Floor Lamp
Gerlach Salt & Pepper Holder in 1" scale #181-10
Erzgebirge Pivoting Horse Drawn Carriage w/Bride & Groom #180-06
Realistic Miniature Garden Sprayer
Miniature Napkins Set of 4
French Blue Vase with Hand Painted Flowers #177-06
Seven German Wooden Kitchen Accessories
Brass Mortar & Pestle
Pair of Antique Dotted Swiss Curtains
German Tree on Left
German Tree on Right
Ormolu Picture of European Royal Couple #173-25
Gerlach Sewing Stand with Accessories #194-10
Miniature Malachite Foo Dog #171-27
Tiny Hand Carved Wooden Buddha
Dolly Dear Four Metal Wind Instruments
Copper Watering Can
Early Tin Tray #105-04
Black Enameled Candle Holders #167-22
Small Tree/Bush for Dollhouse by Gottschalk
1930's Kage Mantle Clock
Picture of the Mayflower
Silver Serving Tray #144-39
Teak Table with Oriental Decorations #171-06
Miniature Indian Basket #3
Miniature Indian Coiled Hand Made Basket from Tono O'odham--Papago Tribe #2
Early German Tree Grouping
Handblown White Glass Vase w/Flowers
Glass Container
Fancy Pewter Plate
Pewter Plates
Glass Paperweights/Each
Limoge Dessert Tray
Composition Santa #86-07 SOLD
Picture of Clipper Ship with Fancy Gold Gilt Frame SOLD
German Green Lauscha Glass Goblets SOLD
Samovar, Sugar, Creamer and Tray by Gerlach Tynietoy Accessory #198-12 SOLD
Early Gold Medal Flour Sack SOLD
Gerlach Table Lamp with Glass Shade #197-09 SOLD
Small Rain Upon the Tender Herb Leather Bound Miniature Book c.1830 #195-19 SOLD
The Silver Medal Leather Bound Miniature Book 1863 #195-20 SOLD
Gerlach Sewing Stand with Silk Bag #194-36 SOLD
Ormolu Triple Picture Frame, Stand Up #194-08 SOLD
Erhardt and Sohne Ormolu Hanging Shelf #192-21 SOLD
Ormolu Bird Cage by Erhard & Sohne w/Wax Parrot #183-09 SOLD
German Newspaper Rack w/Early New York Times #183-10 SOLD
Erzgebirge Open Air Phaeton w/Bride, Groom, Chauffeur #180-10 SOLD
Miniature Felt Common Pin Holder SOLD
Miniature German Goose Feather Christmas Tree #170-14 SOLD

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